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Mix Telematics

Mix Telematics is a provider of Fleet Management systems and software. Mix Telematics introduced Journey Management App to the market. Journey Management is an application that assists transport companies to plan and execute their journeys from end-to-end.

When the Journey Management App was introduced, drivers identified issues that prevented them from efficiently completing tasks, including, but not limited to wear and tear of the devices, short battery life and cheap cables prone to breakage.

With the MAGGI Solution all these issues were addressed and resolved.

MAGGI Charging Trays ensure there are no more broken cables and the devices are easily accessible, always connected, and charging.

With Samsung Knox Device Management, we can ensure that mobile devices always remain active and prevent tampering of devices. With our rugged covers, we resolved the issue of broken phones.

As part of the comprehensive monitoring tools made available to Mix Telematics, the organisation is able to gain greater insight on the devices at all times, including battery life.

MAGGI helped Mix Telematics save between R3000 and R5000 per truck per month, removing the expensive errors from the value chain, and ensuring that the drivers comply with the intended processes.


Coricraft is a Furniture Supplier, delivering furniture from online and in-store sales. Due to the complexities in ensuring synchronization of deliveries, and ensuring their customers’ availability to receive the goods, they decided to acquire MAGGI Devices in conjunction with TrackMatic Software, to assist in the delivery management process.

With the MAGGI Devices, on-time deliveries increased by 20%, ensuring that the Mobile Management Apps are always available.

There are no more excuses for non-working devices. MAGGI further sends delivery notifications to customers, thus ensuring that customers are always informed on the whereabouts of their purchase. In addition, MAGGI system sends change delivery notifications to the customers ensuring informed and happy customers.

On-time deliveries and dynamic route planning save Coricraft significant amounts of money and increase efficiencies, to the extent where they could reduce their fleet by 15% and still deliver the same quality of service.



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