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About Our Sensors

All our sensors are equipped with 300m Bluetooth range, 3km Bluetooth long range, and 20km LoRa (Long Range), and have remote sensor configuration.

They have remote battery life monitoring and alerts with battery life up to 7 years (depending on the model and usage), and NFC-enabled tags for easy pairing.

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More About the IOTI Sensors

Read more about each sensor below.

Click on the “See How It’s Used” button to view the specifications how the sensor is used in various industries.

IOTI PIR Wireless Motion Detector - A hooded man trying to break in through a door

PIR Wireless Motion Detector

Real-time Security System with live alerts. BLE/LoRa wide coverage up to 20km. Detection distance 7 meters and a 120-degree angle.



  • Stay, Away and Hourly mode.


  • Needs a Gateway to communicate remotely.
  • Connect to mobile devices for settings and OTA.
IOTI Wireless Magnetic Switch Sensor - Storage garage with crates inside

Wireless Magnetic Switch

Real-time Security System with live alerts. BLE/LoRa wide coverage. Open and close, vibration and tilt angle



  • Stay, Away and Hourly mode.


  • Needs a Gateway to communicate remotely.
  • Connect to mobile devices for settings and OTA.
  • Customizable notifications - selected hours, vibration, tilt angle, or when activated.
IOTI TOF Time Of Flight Sensor - Red utility truck with its driver's door open

TOF – Time Of Flight Sensor

The IOTI TOF sensor is a laser-based time-of-flight device able to measure obstructions and distances of up to 1.5m.



  • Proximity of 5mm to 1.5m.
  • Long-range products are also available, up to 100m.


  • Door open/closed.
  • Ground vibration of digging machines.
  • Entrance and exit count door sensors.
  • Measurement of doors/windows partially closed.
IOTI Temperature Sensor - Side view of a large Refrigerator Truck

Temperature Sensor

This sensor measures temperature. A probe model, IR model, or contract model is available as well as thermocouples, TRDs (resistance detectors), thermistors, and semiconductor-based integrated circuits.



  • Measure and transmit at a set frequency.
  • Trigger when temperature reaches a pre-set value.


  • Measure and log fridge temperatures.
  • Measure and report engine temperatures safeguarding against overheating.
IOTI Vibration Sensor - Digger loading a dump truck on a construction site

Vibration Sensor

Alerts are sent upon vibration or movement. Pre-set sensor sensitivity allows for a wide range of applications.



  • Vibration – from micrometers to a few hundred millimeters.


  • Engine run-time.
  • Ground vibration of digging machines.
  • Asset or object movement monitoring.
IOTI Tilt Sensor - Man operating a forklift

Tilt Sensor

Sensors are triggered by certain tilt angles, which may be a certain degree or a full rotation. Sensitivity can be pre-set, which allows for a wide range of applications.



  • Tilt on all axis – up to 360 degrees.
  • 3 Axis support.


  • Tilt angle of object, like a vehicle tipping a load.
  • Cut electrical lines.
  • Movement of objects.
IOTI Flow Sensor - Tractor irrigating a field

Flow Sensor

This sensor measures flow using various sensor interfaces. A flow-type meter from ultrasonic to mechanical supporting I2C can be connected to the unit.



  • Continuously measure flow and report at a pre-set frequency.
  • Triggers when flow reaches a pre-defined level.


  • Measure water flow.
  • Measure flow in pesticide spray systems for optimal planning.
IOTI Environment/Humidity Sensor - A basket of apples in the foreground and 18-wheelers in the background

Environment / Humidity Sensor

This sensor measures environmental pressure, humidity, and temperature.



  • Measure and transmit at a pre-set frequency.
  • Transmits when humidity/temperature reaches a pre-set value.


  • Switch on a dehumidifier when the humidity is too high.
  • Log data for planning.
IOTI Pressure Sensor - Industrial yellow pipes with gauges and valves.

Pressure Sensor

This sensor is used to measure pressure inside a product, for example, a pipeline or natural gas system.



  • Continuously measure and record pressure.
  • Triggers an alarm when pressure reaches a pre-defined level.


  • Measure pressure in a closed system, or gas pressure inside a natural gas bladder for product optimization or for safety reasons.
IOTI Light Intensity Sensor - Growing plants in a laboratory.

Light Intensity Sensor

This sensor measures light intensity, for example, InfraRed light or UV for optimal growth of plants, and security applications.



  • Continuous recording mode or trigger mode when light reaches a pre-set level.


  • Greenhouse, or general UV index measurements.
IOTI Gas Sensor - Ariel photo of factory, plumes of smoke coming form the chimneys.

Gas Sensor

This sensor monitors the presence of various gasses and possible fires. Get an alarm when the gas and gas levels are harmful to humans.


  • Measure the level of gas continuously, and send triggers when the gas is detected, or a pre-determined level is reached.


  • Various gas sensors can be added, these include metal oxide-based, optical, electrochemical, capacitance-based, calorimetric, and acoustic-based gas sensors.
  • Indoor air quality sensors can also be added.
IOTI Soil Moisture Sensor - A photo of a freshly turned field of soil.

Soil Moisture Sensor

This sensor measures the amount of moisture in soil to optimize the watering processes, and to understand yield of product vs water.



  • Measure and report ground moisture as set.


  • Measure ground moisture for optimal irrigation.
  • Detect water leaks.
IOTI Acoustic and Noise Sensor - A male in a yellow construction hat and female in a white construction hat discussing plans on construction site

Acoustic and Noise (MIC) Sensor

This sensor measures and reports noise levels in decibels.



  • Continuously monitor and report noise levels as set.
  • "Listen" for pre-recorded sounds and send alerts.


  • For safety applications in factories or noisy areas, listen to objects and sound waves to determine if a specific sound is present.
IOTI Water Quality Sensor - Photo of a very clam lake littered with garbage.

Water Quality Sensor

This sensor monitors water quality and chemicals on a continuous basis.



  • Measures water parameters such as conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, COD, residual chlorine, and turbidity through a variety of methods such as water chemical, physical and biological reactions, and provides data support.


  • Determine if drinking water is clean, measure pool water, water in reservoirs, and measure cleaned wastewater for reuse.
IOTI Electricity Current Monitor - Power lines and a towers in the foreground of a blue sky.

Electricity Current Monitor

This sensor measures the current flowing through a cable and records this information in real time.



  • Measure the current through a wire to determine the wattage used.
    Detect power flows (power outages, line breaks) and calculate possible overuse/abuse.


  • Measure electricity grid power to determine losses.
  • Measure in real time where outages occur or determine power distribution through a grid.
  • Optimize the use of phases in case of 3 phase split supply.
IOTI Ultrasonic Sensor- 18 wheeler in a cargo bay

Ultrasonic Sensor

This sensor measures distance and presence using an ultrasonic sensor.



  • The sensor measures and sends data according to predefined criteria, including measured distance.


  • Measure water levels.
  • Detect obstructions.
  • Monitor and alert when vehicles or buildings are entered.

Find Sensors specifically for your Industry

The MAGGI Solution

For the Logistics Industry


With our patented MAGGI solution, we can solve some of the critical technical challenges of assets and logistics monitoring, driver compliance and management.


Our versatile IOTI sensors feature real-time data transmission with live alerts and a long range of up to 20 km, making them perfect for asset management systems in warehouse and yard, land, and agricultural environments.

Read more about MAGGIRead the case studies

Our Customers & MAGGI Solution Case Studies

Mix Telematics

Mix Telematics is a provider of fleet management systems and software and introduced Journey Management to the market recently.

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First established in 1995, Coricraft has grown from just one store in Cape Town to 44 stores across South Africa and in neighbouring Namibia and Botswana.

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