Samsung Knox Device Management

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Manage devices remotely in real-time providing secure and untampered access to data and applications information

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Manage devices remotely in real-time, and gain secure and untampered access to comprehensive data generated from the devices.

Samsung Knox Device Management Benefits


Saves time by enabling IT support to remotely troubleshoot faulty devices.


Reduces employee downtime and optimises employee productivity through real-time awareness and problem resolution.


Enables remote control of devices in order to avoid corporate policy violations.



We provide a full remote control of devices through our Samsung Knox Licence.

See All The Features
  • Device settings
  • Knox Mobile Enrollment
  • Connectivity setup: Wi-Fi, VPN, APN, Exchange, Firewall settings
  • Email account setting: Configures employee email account from the Console
  • Application push: Pushes apps to employee devices
  • Device management: Application black/white list: Sets a list of applications to allow or disallow to be installed
  • App store restriction: Allows or disallows use of a Public Android App Store
  • Interface control: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microphone force on/off
  • Functional restrictions: Camera, screen capture, external SD card, etc.
  • Block factory reset 
  • GPS on/off
  • Data usage restrictions: Sets a limit to data usage
  • Incoming/outgoing SMS/MMS
  • Event-based management: Apply a set of policies in particular circumstances
  • Kiosk wizard: Enables admins to easily convert a device into a kiosk for specific use cases
  • E-FOTA: Supports E-FOTA for selective firmware upgrade over-the-air
  • Knox Workspace: Activates and manages Knox Workspace container
  • Device monitoring
  • Remote device lock/wipe: Remotely lock or wipe a device in case lost or stolen
  • Location tracking: Track location of each managed device
  • Remote device support: Allows an administrator to directly access an employee device from the Console

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First established in 1995, Coricraft has grown from just one store in Cape Town to 44 stores across South Africa and in neighbouring Namibia and Botswana.

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