The MAGGI Solution

Our flagship asset monitoring, driver management, and compliance solution is ideal for the logistics industry.


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The MAGGI Solution


The MAGGI Solution is a sophisticated and efficient end-to-end system consisting of patented hardware, software, and impeccable management services. We set up your business from start to finish by installing the equipment and providing world-class service.



A state-of-the-art end-to-end solution that provides the logistics industry with a reliable monitoring system and a range of durable and accessible devices, such as MAGGI’s patented magnetically connected mobile devices, MAGGI’s Charging Locker, IOTI’s OneTouch Mobile Application, Samsung Knox Device Management and IOTI Sensor Tags.


Solve some of the critical technical challenges in asset monitoring, such as broken cables, dead batteries, faulty devices, and misuse of monitoring devices.


Samsung Knox Device Management allows us to remotely manage and update your devices, monitor device usage and location, and lock and track devices in the event of theft.


In addition to Samsung Knox Device Management, MAGGI Solution offers the OneTouch Mobile Application. The application is a simple, yet effective listing and directory tool conveniently stored on the device and available to the customer with one touch.


All MAGGI devices are Android compatible and can support any approved third-party Android application.


We offer various devices bundled with MAGGI’s Magnetically Connected Mobile Devices, namely: Samsung S7, S8, S9, S10, Samsung Note, and Samsung Tablet. The devices are rainproof, splash proof, dust proof, and drop proof (up to 1.8m). They connect to either the MAGGI charging cradle or our mobile charger and lock magnetically, so each device is always charged and secured.


The MAGGI charging cradle is Bluetooth-enabled for clear and audible calls even in noisy environments and/or conditions.


Our magnetically connected mobile devices are versatile and can be easily transferred to a wristband or scanner handle for optimal use in e-commerce solutions, navigation, driver compliance management and security.


MAGGI's Charging Locker lets you store, manage and issue devices.


The MAGGI solution offers Samsung Knox Device Management, ensuring that all devices are remotely managed and tamper-proof.


The MAGGI solution benefits from IOTI Sensor Tags that can track, trace, and manage each device remotely, in real time and 24/7.

Some of our Key Capabilities include


Our RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tag and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology allow our customers to manage anything at a reasonable rate. We can track the location of an asset, its movement, temperature, vibrations, orientation, and provide the data needed to extract valuable information about your products.


Our Bluetooth products can run for 5 years on a single battery.


Our UHF RFID Tag can be used for stock control and management, with scanning bulk capabilities of up to 25m away.

The MAGGI Solution Ecosystem

MAGGI integrates with various Sensor Tags, allowing users to monitor everything from a single point. These sensors are Plug and Play enabled, pairing with the Device and installed Gateway. Each sensor has a distinctive ID which is linked to each asset uniquely.

How the MAGGI Solution Works for Business

The MAGGI solution is used throughout the Driver Compliance Management process.

Our Locker Charger issues the fully charged device to the allocated driver. The driver completes a full asset compliance check upon collection. The driver can use the device to complete the tasks of each trip, from scanning barcodes to route planning, communication, signing pad, asset debrief, and device return.

We have experience working with reputable logistic companies, with tried and tested software developed to integrate with your current processes seamlessly.

Benefits of the MAGGI Solution

Increase Your Business Opportunities

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Our comprehensive and versatile solutions are gateways to new business opportunities, helping companies unlock new revenue streams through advanced business models and services. IOT-driven innovations create compelling business cases, shorten time-to-market and increase return on investment.

Efficiently Optimize Processes and Increase Productivity

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By increasing node connectivity, IOTI extends business intelligence with real-time operational insights while reducing costs, inventory, time-to-market, and maintenance downtime, thereby increasing productivity.

Automation and Cost-Saving Benefits

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Predictive analytics and real-time diagnostics reduce maintenance costs. IOTI records for generated information are cloud-based, secure, encrypted, and immutable; saving time and money in developing accurate reports that reflect real-world metrics.

Enhanced Asset Utilization and Task Oversight

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Our solutions provide advanced telemetry sensors and connectivity for real-time insights in the workplace. Companies can now easily pinpoint problems in assets related to human error and perform preventive maintenance to improve asset utilization and personnel exposure.

Business Monitoring and Industrial Automation

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Our devices process big data with their business intelligence and analytics tools, enabling companies to gain advanced insights into their operations while improving risk management in the event of an insurance claim.

Our Customers & MAGGI Solution Case Studies

Mix Telematics

Mix Telematics is a provider of fleet management systems and software and introduced Journey Management to the market recently.

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First established in 1995, Coricraft has grown from just one store in Cape Town to 44 stores across South Africa and in neighbouring Namibia and Botswana.

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