Internet of Things Integration

Monitor your assets remotely in real-time.

IOTI‘s patented, state-of-the-art technology solutions provide a perfect combination of cost-effective and efficient asset management.


IOTI is an Internet of Things solution provider focused on the development of effective Telemetry, Monitoring and Control Systems.

We drive digital transformation by integrating advanced electronic systems to day-to-day operations, thus helping businesses unlock sustainable, efficient and cost-saving opportunities.

Why Choose IOTI

The versatility presented by the products developed by IOTI makes it ideal for a wide range of industries. We customise our solutions to meet each customer’s asset management needs to deliver measurable results that work towards the business objectives. We do this in part by implementing comprehensive or modular solutions and integrating seamlessly with Third Party Software systems.

Efficient logistics, driver compliance, warehouse and yard management systems are crucial in ensuring on-time delivery of products, monitoring, and limiting abuse of assets. In turn, this ensures optimisation of processes and cost savings.

Our mission is to be your partner for operational efficiency and sustainability.

The MAGGI Solution

With our patented MAGGI solution, we can solve some of the critical technical challenges in asset monitoring, driver compliance and management.

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What We Offer

The MAGGI Solution is an end-to-end monitoring system developed to assist businesses in managing and monitoring assets effectively. We set your business up from start to finish, install, maintain and provide full service. We understand that no two businesses are alike so we offer Hybrid Solutions, Management Services, and Custom Solutions. You tell us what you have, and what you need to achieve and we will tailor-make a solution for you.  Our offerings are underpinned by world-class service.

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The MAGGI Solution

Get ALL the MAGGI Features and Benefits

Your end-to-end solution that track, trace and manage your assets in real-time, 24/7.

The MAGGI Solution is highly comprehensive and contains the following:

  • Magnetically Connected Mobile Devices
  • MAGGI’s Charging Locker
  • Samsung Knox Device Management
  • IOTI’s OneTouch Mobile Application
  • IOTI Sensor Tags
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Hybrid Solutions

Get selected MAGGI Features

Select specific MAGGI features to integrate with your current system and meet your business requirements.

Select from our diverse array of add-ons products and management services.


Management Services

System Management Software and Service

For those with an existing setup that need it all monitored, managed, and maintained 24/7, we offer remote, real-time support via our Samsung Knox Management, OneTouch Mobile Application, and our IOTI Data Analytics Systems.


Custom Solutions

One size does not fit all

If you are not sure what your business needs and have a problem to solve, contact us to discuss how we can assist.

We helped hundreds of businesses find the right solution to meet their needs, increase efficiency and reduce costs.


The Components of the MAGGI Solution

The MAGGI Solution is IOTI’s patented comprehensive Asset Monitoring and Driver Management and Compliance Solution.

Our Customers & Case Studies

Mix Telematics

Mix Telematics is a provider of fleet management systems and software and introduced Journey Management to the market recently.

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First established in 1995, Coricraft has grown from just one store in Cape Town to 44 stores across South Africa and in neighbouring Namibia and Botswana.

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